Igal Prseler, 1968 – Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

The work of Igal Presler is the product of a long-lasting consolidation process of many years, in which Presler researched, consulted and was a confidant for leading artists, art historians and collectors in Israel and abroad. This familiarity with the art world contributed greatly to the unique language brought forth in his creation – between the materialistic and spiritual.

Belief and Philosophy are at the core of his artistry and his creative force. Presler interweaves his belief throughout his works using his vast and in-depth understanding of the relationship between history and art, granted by his rich experience and knowledge in the art world.

The materials of his work are aesthetic processes borrowed from the arsenal of history and visual language – from Renaissance to contemporary art:  pop icons, 20th century art and current art trends, where art has detached itself from spirituality and started promoting individuality as an idol by process of theoretical, ideological and formal deconstruction. Facing this, Presler’s aim is to divert form these notions and infuse art with eternal values, kinship, affinity, and internal abundance.

Presler deliberately and boldly corresponds with iconic, record- breaking and highly-valued art works, in order to deal with questions regarding the essence of contemporary art and consumer culture, as a mirror image of society and its spiritual content. In his quest to express through his art revered principles, Presler uses conceptual manipulation and advanced technology. He utilizing the deceptive aspect of art as a means to embed in it ideology and belief. While the works entail a criticism on western society, they also create a conceptual and aesthetic alternative. Each work in his oeuvre is a holistic creation with the purpose of being more than the mere painting or sculpture, but to create a real change in a person’s life.