Clothespin Series

The Clothespin series is an iconic series of sculptures, which Igal Presler has been working on in recent years. The unique shape of the sculptures in the series is the result of a deliberate distortion of the conventional clothespin’s shape, familiar from everyday life. Using abstraction, diversion and repurposing, Presler turns the mundane clothespin into an icon of eternal love: two divided souls, symbolized in the two halves of the clothespin, come together in holy union and create the whole. This symbol is a schematic structure that fulfills in it the eternal and harmonious.

The complexity of this work also manifests in Presler’s Clothespin inner composition – balanced and dynamic at once, expressing both stability and playfulness, much like a true eternal love. This ideology exists throughout the series with each clothespin’s fundamental structure, as a recurring archetypal mode. The choice of such a prosaic object plays on multiple grounds. The series demonstrates a conflicting allure: with high technology and luxurious materials, this simple object, decorated with gemstones, blown to huge dimensions, covered with colorful imagery, and becomes elevated as art.

On the other hand, the choice in simplicity suggests that sacred and harmonious values exist in every layer of life and social class, in a way that enriches them throughout. Each sculpture in the series represents a different aspect to this celestial union as reflected in every element of life