The Presler Gallery

In the vibrant area of Neve Tzedek, on the pastoral Shabazi street, Presler Gallery has opened its doors to the public. The gallery facing the street and bypassers offers alternating displays of Igal Presler’s works of art throughout the years, including new works which have never been exhibited before.

At the gallery the visitor can view and receive an in-depth information on Presler’s art. The gallery offers a wide range of limited editions and unique artworks available for purchase. Visitors are welcome to schedule a private meeting and tour at the Presler studio and gallery.

The opening of the gallery is a part of the transfer of the Presler Studio to Neve Tzedek. The studio, in the vicinity of the Presler gallery in Shabazi Street, hosts technological creativity workshops, a display area, and a space of inspiration. 

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Igal Preslers art gallery - גלריה לאמנות יגאל פרסלר