In the series Metals Studio Presler presents objects and figures taken from childhood fantasies that are being transformed into the adult world. In this process they reincarnate in giant proportions, in an engineered and sophisticated construction technique, with materials familiar from building construction and heavy industry. The appearance of the stainless steel, from which the works are made, is shiny and reflective, almost as a mirror. Their 3 dimensional volume is achieved by a folding technique, granting them a geometric, mechanical and fragmented from.

 The result is that the entire room and the viewer are reflected in the sculptures as their figures break up and intertwine with each other – the viewer in his surroundings, and the surroundings with the sculpture and the viewer. The material from which the works are made is the key to understanding of their poetic expression. They express surprise and playfulness while dealing with the depth of the childhood fantasies, which are the founding stone for the values that define our perception of masculinity and romantic relationship.