A kneeling knight

The sculpture A Kneeling Knight presents a futuristic looking figure of a knight, robotic and armored, that rises up to 3 meters and made of meticulously folded stainless steel. The knight, in kneeling position, is holding a rose formed in a similar technique, in a manner that suggests a romantic gesture. His figure expresses a romantic and nostalgic gaze to the future, much like in many fictional childhood fantasies about space wars, the victory of the “good” over the “bed”, and the “knight on a white horse” cliches. These stories emblem values that are rooted in rites of passage from boyhood to manhood. Studio Presler takes the viewers along to those days of innocence, as they revisit these narratives.

The shining stainless steel reflects the room and the viewers as they blend on the work. In this journey to adolescence there is an earnest outlook evident in the works that rooted in the present. The folding technique which Studio Presler innovated especially for this series points at the sophistication of maturity: it is an accurate engineering work that transforms the cold and industrial material to playful and joyous, which resembles a puzzle game. The piece blurs the border between the playful childhood fantasies and the efficient seriousness of adulthood as the two resonate in the romantic gesture and addressing the other.

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