Clothespin of Musical Notes

The musical notes that are wrapped around the surface of the Clothespin sculpture, represent a song or a musical piece. The viewers might have been able to listen to this very tune, if only it wasn’t so encrypted by the obscured notes. Presler deconstructs and reconstructs the standard and familiar shape of the notes. In this way he interferes with the process of music compositing, and creates another kind of notation for a new kind of music.

The unique structure of the Clothespin Series by Presler embodies the special reunion of two souls, just as the two halves of the clothespin. The general shape of the sculpture attains an additional meaning when the notes on it are distorted, as their full meaning lies beyond their presence on the sculpture, but in that secret unheard melody. The viewers have only their sense of sight to overcome and compensate for what can’t be heard, and only imagined.

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