Clothespin Tower

The Clothespin Tower is the pinnacle of the entire Clothespin Series. This sculpture stands out in the series, as the iconic shape of the sculptures is transcended to a unique monumental piece, as a skyscraper. The tower will rise to over 40 floors high. The general structure of the clothespin, as is in the entire series, manifests within it the principles of eternal love – when two divided souls are finally united to create a harmonious whole. As an architectural piece, Presler’s unique clothespin design features these principles as an urban monument towering for all to see.

As such, this is not a lifeless landmark, struggling to withstand time and history, but an innovative building, reflecting cutting edge ingenuity. All its essence is to encompass life – vibrant, fierce, and full of creativity. The dynamic and stable façade is integrated in the cityscape as an active agent by radiating these harmonious values. Erected on the coastline, one can experience the perfect romantic sunset, reflected by its view. A detailed and meticulous scale model of Presler’s vision of the tower is available to view at the Igal Presler Art Studio. 

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