Family ring

This work features a blown up wedding ring inlaid with sparkling Swarovski gems, standing on its head bearing, so the center stone is concealed. Inside the inner space of the ring there is a depiction of two children swinging. The children and the swing is a kinetic element made of laser cut stainless steel, capturing the children’s delicate silhouettes. The shining stainless steel surface reflects the light of the surroundings.

Together with the sparkling of the Swarovski they bestow an extravagant allure which is simultaneously fragile and ephemeral. A wedding ring represents the eternal and holy union of two souls not only in its ceremonial use but also with its materiality and form: the gem stones are symbolic to the lasting stability and durability while the circular form to eternity and unity. These values embody two united souls as they face each other in modest naivety, much like the swinging children, fragile as childhood’s innocence. Pure eternal love as meant to be represented by the ring is only achievable when confronted innocently.

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