Fashion Clothespin

The original design of Presler’s Clothespin in this sculpture is decorated with fashion spike studs on one half, and on the other it is inlaid with swarovski stones and ziplines. In this sculpture the Clothespin has an extremely edgy and rebellious Punk facade. Punk is an iconic sub-culture in which everyday utility objects and materials get repurposed and incorporated into fashion and clothing, as a means of self expression. This manner of material use, as carried out in the Fashion Clothespin, suggests a metaphoric re-appropriation.

The inner soul is exposed bare on the surface of the sculpture, and exposes the spike studs on the “musculine” side of the clothespin, as the protective armour against the uncontrollable nature of love. The other half with the ziplines, features a possible solution: despite the risk, the two halves could reunite into a whole. Together, they tell a story of eternal love – as the femnin side patches the wounds together, and disarms the masculin.

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