Racing Motorbike

The Racing Motorbike is another work in the series in which Studio Presler revisits childhood fantasies. The sculpture of the motorbike is meticulously detailed as a result of innovative folded stainless steel technique, apparent throughout the series, and accentuates the technological aesthetics of the motorbike’s structure. This aesthetical fetishism is part of the allure of this piece, just as a child is charmed by the wonders of technology. The potential of power of the motorbike is replicated with its substitute toy.

The stainless steel motorbike is positioned balanced on its front wheel and, as if under a magic spell, on the top of a pyramid. This impossible balancing act featured in the sculpture freezes the motorbike’s potential force. The moment of childhood’s fascination and imagination freezes as well, as the viewer and his surroundings are reflected in the shiny stainless steel, as if in a mirror maze, and are drawn to this suspended moment.

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