Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse is a stand out piece of the series. Studio Persler created a rocking horse toy in life size. The horse’s abstracted figure, flattened and touched with childish innocence, allures the viewers to visit again in their childhood landscapes. This kind of toy is made of wood, which is soft and pleasant to touch. However, the Studio Presler rocking horse is constructed of oxidized iron sheet. In the place of the horse’s seat, a miniature motorbike model is installed.

The rich reddish rust color, like the simple and naive form of the rocking horse, is contrasted by shiny stainless steel and meticulousness of the motorbike model’s construction technique.This contrast clearly posits the rocking horse as a historical relic, while the racing motorbike faces the future. It represents speed, power and the drive to win the race of life. The work deals with the complex relationship between the forsaken childhood innocence and the promise and ideas of adulthood it carries along.

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