Studio Presler

Studio Presler inaugurated its new venue in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. The studio was established as a holistic space which will serve as home and a lab for the materialisation of Prsler’s creative vision, as well as an inspirational space for creativity. Its new residence lies in the pastoral and neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, in a historic building embodying modernism and faith. This wide complex includes an exhibition space and gallery, next to a research and development lab and studio. Studio Presler works towards technological and spiritual development in order to articulate the complexity of Presler’s work in the most appropriate way. Presler is sided by a skillful team, equipped with a variety of cutting edge technological means for the development of novel creative techniques.

The establishment of the studio from its very beginning was the  product of a long-lasting consolidation process of many years, in which Presler researched, consulted and was a confidant for leading artists, art historians and collectors in Israel and abroad. This familiarity with the art world contributed greatly to the unique language brought forth in his creation – between the materialistic and spiritual.

Studio Presler is open to visitors by appointment. During the visit, one can get acquainted with  the workshops, techniques, art works, and scheduled a personal appointment.  


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