The Dance of Life Clothespin

This clothespin represents two skeletons dancing around, there are many skulls, surrounded by flowers and Swarovski stones as a symbol of love.

In the middle ages art symbolism, skeletons have a great deal of meaning. Unlike the usual meaning of them- death, here they are a symbol of life, the eternity of love. They remain as lovers even after they are dead. Because of that, there are flowers all around them, a symbol of love. Most often, the flowers are roses, Signifying Aphrodite the goddess of love. Alternatively, there are butterfly’s, to represent the transient beauty.

The couple appear as if they are intertwined one in the other, the surface are all covered in shining Savorski stones, as to symbolize the glow surrounding relationships and to glorify the moment.

Damien hirst came up in the beginning of the 21 century with his eternal creation: “the skull”, covered a titanium skull with thousands of diamonds and sapphire stones. On one side expressing the glamour and on the other the materialism. The search for shine with no real content behind it.

We live in postmodern time, where we worship the beautiful and the aesthetic. but also what is shiny and superficial. The skeletons represent this way of worshiping everlasting love and momentary sensuality. The contrast between the outside and the inside, and the love stays even after they are dead.

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