The Pop Art Clothespin

Pop Art is one of the most recognizable art form of the 20th century, which represents the inherent change in the understanding of art’s place in society. With the progression of history, art is no longer the bearer of religious, morals and classical history, but uses accessible visual language in order to appeal to common crowd. The Pop Art Clothespin is covered with colorful comic-sprip-like drawings, similar to the works of the famous Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. These formal aspects of the work imply a sense of direct and simplistic communication that is often developed between lovers.

As such it turns into code that replaces meaning with shapes and symbols. This form of communication could be easily mistaken for being shallow and banal. However, Preselr’s clothespin holds within its structure an emblem for eternal love- free and playful. Similar to the whimsical shift in representation portrayed by Pop Art, this celestial love with its breezy nature, bestewods depth and creativity in everyday life, turning rutin into a sublime experience.              

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